"You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to … The Outer Limits."
—Introduction to The Outer Limits television series (1963-1965)

Awe and mystery, indeed. Rhode Island's Outer Limits most likely came from the Providence area in 1966-67, then quickly spiraled into the black hole, long forgotten until a copy of their demo disc turned up at a yard sale nearly half a century later, in December 2014.

And it's too bad this crew never pressed up these tunes for official release. The instrumental "Safari" boasts a bangin' drum solo a la "Wipe Out" and then punches in some crazy out-of-nowhere organ (or is that an accordian?) noodling at the very end. On the hot rod vocal side, "The Wash" careens into action with screeching tire sounds and begins with the foreboding line, "Working in the body shop late one night / my eyes beheld an eerie sight." Is a "wash" some type of racing term, or does it refer to literally a car wash? Perhaps the gearheads out there can enlighten us.

According to a newspaper clipping, the Outer Limits played the second annual jam session of the Senior Y-Teen Club (YWCA gymnasium, 62 Jackson St. in Providence) on Feb. 4, 1967, along with the Times, the Prophets Of Time, the Tantrums, the Lonely Things, the Six Pence, Freddy And The Unknowns, and Fire And Water Incorporated. It's unknown where they ranked in the competition, but they no doubt left skid marks across the judges.

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The Wash / Safari
New England Recording Studios, Inc.
(acetate) 1966?